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Poor Man`s Paradise Hotel
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Poor Mans Paradise

Tour Options from Poor Manīs Paradise

We recommend to book this tours in advance

Corcovado National Park Tour - Nature Observation, Hiking

Our tour begins from the lodge, early in the morning we will take you by boat to the San Pedrillo Park Station. Once at the park you will enjoy guided hike into the tropical rainforest of Corcovado where you can see a lot of birds and mammals and enjoy the jungle itself. The return can be done by foot and takes about 3 hours. We really recommend that you choose to come back to Poor Man's Paradise hiking, this offers you the opportunity to explore the wonderful region buffering the park
The tour includes guide, picnic lunch, and entrance fee to the park.
On special request this tour can also take place in the Sirena Station, central portion of the shore line of Corcovado National Park. It involves a much longer boat ride. The Sirena station usually offers great chances to see the Baird's Tapir and a lot of wildlife.

Please inquire for prices!

Corcovado Corcovado Three-toed Sloth

Cano Island - Nature Observation, Snorkeling and swimming

From the lodge we will leave early in the morning and reach the island by boat. On the way to this wonderful location we have the chance to see playful dolphins swimming along the boat. Once in the island you can jump into the water and spend the time snorkeling in one of the most extraordinary spots in Costa Rica. Lunch will be on the island. If you like you can also hike into the Island's trails and visit some of the ancient Indian archeological sites as well as catch great ocean views.
The tour includes picnic lunch and entrance fee to the park.

Please inquire for prices!

Cano Island Puffer Cano Island

Scuba Diving - Caño Island

Scuba Diving in the Drake Bay and Cano Island area is one of the most rewarding moments of any diver. This tropical waters are home of many intersting species of fish, whales and dolphins, sharks, turtles, and much more. The famous Whale Shark is seen in good occassions and White-tipped Sharks are usually spotted closed to the Cano Island. Sea Turtles are found swimming near the reefs that sorround the island, and many especies in huge schools inhabit the rocky corals and undersea canyons.

Scuba Diving Cano Island Drake Bay Scuba Diving Cano Island Drake Bay Scuba Diving Cano Island Drake Bay

Some of the sites for scuba diving are:

Sunken Ship Depth: 15-20 meters (50-70 feet)
A very calm dive exploring rock formations oftenly finding manta rays, sharks, Moorish idols and small fish. Good schools can also be seen.

Devil's Pinnacle Depth: 15-40 meters (45-130 feet)
Enormous schools populate the waters at the pinnacle: jacks, snappers, parrotfish, barracudas, moray eels, puffers, and sharks, where bull sharks occasionally at greater depths are seen.

Paradise Depth: 20 meters (60 feet)
Large schools of jacks, barracudas and snappers oftenly swim the waters getting you in the middle of thousands of fish. Groups of sharks also frequent Paradise.

Divers need to be certified.

Please inquire for prices!

Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour

The blue waters of the ocean next to Osa Peninsula are certainly a sanctuary for dolphins and whales. In this remote area, we find Pantropic Spotted, Spinner, Bottlenose, Rough-Toothed and Common Dolphins, Humpbacks, Orcas, Pilot, Sperm, Blue, and False Killer Whales, giant manta rays, sea turtles and much, much more. It is a virtual marine playground! We often find ourselves surrounded by hundreds and even thousands of dolphins in our warm, clear, blue waters. Our tour leaves early in the morning, we take you in our boat and search the waters of this marine paradise for dolphins and whales, in more than 99% we spot dolphins. Whale season is at its best August to January.

Please inquire for prices!

Dolphin Watching - Spinner Dolphins Spinner Dolphins Humpback Whale

Horseback Riding Tour

Take a relaxing horseback ride to explore the jungle and beach of this incredible area. Ride through the trails and old road ways that the pioneers used. Birds, howler monkeys, white face monkeys, and many other animals will be spotted along the way.

Horseback riding in particular must be booked upon arrival.

Please inquire for prices!

We encourage you to book your tours at the moment of booking your stay, as entrance to the National Parks is regualted!

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